Re: (IAAC) Observing Handbook and Catalog of Deep Sky Objects

Hi, Ong! (Is Ong your first name?) Sorry to hear that the haze is affecting 
your area so badly. We do get some news here in the US about the tragedies 
happening over there - but strange as it may seem, I never once thought about 
how it might affect amateur astronomers under the pall!
By the way, Borders is a big chain over here: I'd guess the one in Singapore is 
a reputable business, by association. Another book to be on the lookout for is 
Roger Clark's _Visual Astronomy of the Deep Sky_. Although this book has some 
limitations (only a few objects covered, mainly), it does have some really 
useful background information on observing and the eye, which you won't find in 
most "astronomy handbooks". Incomparable sketches too!
Well, until skies clear, keep reading the list, and when you have time to look 
over _Observing Handbook_, write back and tell us what you think!
Take care,