Re: (IAAC) Observing Handbook and Catalog of Deep Sky Objects

Lew Gramer wrote:
> Thanks for writing in, ongyc... 10 copies available in Singapore, but sold out
> in the US?? Now THAT'S distribution! How long have you been interested in deep
> sky observing? Are there many good sites for observing near where you live?
> > This particular book sells at a bargain, only S$9.90, which is less
> > than US$7.00! ... I flipped thru the covers but it is far far too
> > advanced for me.
> Don't be too sure about it being too advanced! You'd be surprised how quickly
> you expand into some of the more "advanced" observing guides - no matter what
> telescope you use for observing. If I could find this book for $7 anywhere, I
> would certainly stock up for my astronomy buddies anyway. :)
> Clear skies worldwide,
> Lew, contemplating another clear sky HERE tonight!
Thank you very much for encouragement. I just hope I could locate and catch a glimse of one or two of those 
wonderful objects mentioned so many times here.
I haven't even got into the amateur league, still a novice!  I've got my serious telescope early this year.  
The light pollution in this city country is very bad.  And with the cloud here, very rare would ones get a good 
condition for such viewing.  I haven't been exploring much in this country for suitable sites, but from some 
correspondences that I had with my fellow citizens, they travel north to our neighbour (Malaysia) for the night 
Right now, as you probably may have read in your papers, countries in this area have been covered with thick 
haze, from the forest fire in Indonesia.  Just today, you can look at the sun direct with you eyes and it look 
like a very bright moon!  Not joke.  In fact, just about 5 weeks ago, one of my friends (a medical doctor) was 
actually seriously thinking that the sun we saw that afternoon was a moon - real, no kidding.  There are no 
blue sky now and even the bright Venus is invisible for most nights - at least on those night I attempted to 
see.  It is starless night this few months here.  This hazy situation is predicted to last up to early next 
PS:  The shop that sell the Observing Handbook was just opened last Saturday.  I think it claims to be one of 
the largest Chains from the USA - it is the biggest right now in Singapore.  They must have got them real cheap 
from US and sell them at a bargain here!  Or they made a mistake?  Anyway, I will go and grab one and keep.  
Thank for your encouraging note.
Ong Y C 
Confirmed Hazy Night this few days!!!!