Re: (IAAC) Observing Handbook and Catalog of Deep Sky Objects

Thanks for writing in, ongyc... 10 copies available in Singapore, but sold out 
in the US?? Now THAT'S distribution! How long have you been interested in deep 
sky observing? Are there many good sites for observing near where you live?
> This particular book sells at a bargain, only S$9.90, which is less
> than US$7.00! ... I flipped thru the covers but it is far far too
> advanced for me.
Don't be too sure about it being too advanced! You'd be surprised how quickly 
you expand into some of the more "advanced" observing guides - no matter what 
telescope you use for observing. If I could find this book for $7 anywhere, I 
would certainly stock up for my astronomy buddies anyway. :)
Clear skies worldwide,
Lew, contemplating another clear sky HERE tonight!

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