Re: Re: (IAAC) Observing Handbook and Catalog of Deep Sky Objects

At 06:48 10/10/97 -0400, you wrote:
>You asked several days ago about the Observing Handbook and Catalog of Deep
>Sky Objects,  from Cambridge University Press, by Chris Luginbuhl and Brian
>It is out of print, but I heard that a paperback version -- the original was
>hard cover -- is in the works.  Don't know if Cambridge is involved or
>another publisher.  Until a few months ago you could get the hardback from
>Edward Hamilton, a bookseller in Connecticut who specializes in remainders
>(and who has ads in Sky & Tel), but his supply has sold out.
>Steve Blake
>Rockville, Md.
Just read this thread.  There is a new book store in Singapore -  BORDERS.
This particular book selling
at a bargain, only S$9.90, which is less than US$7.00!  It is the hardcover
edition. There are at least more than 10 copies there. I flipped thru the
covers but it is far far too advance for me.
Ong Y C