Re: (IAAC) IAAC submission

Well Farseem, first of all, WELCOME to netastrocatalog! You don't need a lot of 
experience to post your observations of the Deep Sky to the 'catalog - in fact, 
observations by people with little experience are very much ENCOURAGED. This is 
because there may be subscribers with even less experience observing in the 
field than you, who could benefit from or be motivated by what you see!
Anyway, you can feel free to post to 'netastrocatalog-announce' (NOT the main 
netastrocatalog address!) if you have any questions about observing deep-sky 
objects (galaxies, clusters, nebulae), or any comments on your own observing 
style. Then when you have observing LOGS which you'd feel comfortable sharing 
with all of us (even if they were only done with binoculars or the naked-eye), 
send them to 'netastrocatalog' - we'd love to read them!
And by the way, if you'd like to get involved in less observing-oriented 
discussions too, there's another (MUCH busier) mailing list called "ASTRO": to 
subscribe to ASTRO, just send an email to "majordomo@mindspring.com", with any 
Subject, and with the message body:
	subscribe astro
WARNING: The "ASTRO" list produces as many as 100 messages a day.
Clear skies to all as the moon wanes!
Lew Gramer