Re: (IAAC) Beta Lyrae

At 10:34 AM 9/11/97 +0100, you wrote:
>Most probably not, as we would all know it. You will be certainly cheaper
>and perhaps happy if you gather your info from the web (e.g., start with the
>Messier pages [see URL in my .sig] and pages I've linked [follow "More
>Messier", "Deep Sky Images", or "Astronomy and Space Links" in the Links
>section], or the Deep Sky Atlas of the Hawaiian Astronomical Society, look
>at http://www.hawastsoc.org/).
Thanks for pointing out the HAS site, Hartmut! Their "Deep Sky Atlas" is a
worthy Web effort - almost up to your own standards. :) BTW Jonathan, I
should have asked you whether you were particularly interested in OBSERVING
guides, or in more general astronomical readings: Burnhams has the rare
distinction of being BOTH. The texts I suggested (Webb and Luginbuhl &
Skiff) are primarily just observing guides, though... Webb does have
detailed sections describing astronomical research in the various objects
each volume covers - but it's a bit out date now. For further
astro-cultural/mythology/history readings, though, or for more up-to-date
research summaries for the amateur, others on the list will have to help you.
Clear skies all!