Re: (IAAC) OBJECT: NGC651, M76, INST: 8"SCT f/10

>Description:  My first successful view a month ago was
>difficult. This time the nebula jumped out brightly. Faint
>"arms" visible without filter. The use of high power without
>losing substantial contrast, unless filter employed, was
>delightful. The filter seemed detrimental at any power,
>especially losing detail at higher ones. This concurs with
>the supplemental post by Lew Gramer in response to the M45
>report from Todd Gross. It would appear that visual
>magnitude is not absolute in determining quality seeing,
>since my August viewing seemed visually "better" - indicated
>by a more prominent Milky-Way.
>  ( Critique on my first post appreciated ! )    - Clif
THanks for the post. Interesting. See the web page (forgot the link, but
it's on my
page www.weatherman.com at the bottom) of netastrocatalog for my M76
reports. I recently viewed
it with an 80mm scope, and indeed the UHC filter helped A LOT. I highly
recommend the UHC in 
suburban or semi-rural skies.
Thanks!   -Todd
Todd Gross
Boston Meteorologist
homepage: www.weatherman.com