(IAAC) Object: Epsilon Lyrae Inst:15.24cm Dob

Observer: Jonathan Wojack
Your skills: Beginning
Date and UT of Observation:  1997 July 14, 0200-0227 
Location: 75.33.00W 39.45.00N 100M Elevation (Wilmington, DE, USA)
Site classification: city
Limiting magnitude: +2.75
Seeing: 2 of 10, haze 
Moon up, phase: yes, waxing gibbous, setting
Instrument: 15.24 cm Dobinson
Magnification:  244x   
Filters used: None
Object:  Epsilon, Epsilon1, and Epsilon2 Lyrae 
Category: Double Stars
Constellation:  Lyra 
Data: Epsilon, seperation 208", magnitude +5.  Epsilon1, seperation 2.
8", magnitude +5, +6.  Epsilon2, seperation 2.2", magnitude +5.5, +6.
RA/DE:  18  hours, 42.7 minutes.  37 degrees and 39 minutes north 
(Burnham's Celestial Handbook, Volume 2) . 
Description:  I was excited when I saw it in the telescope as it was 
even more spectacular!  But the double star is WAY too wide.  Kind of 
boring.  I love close ones.  But I could only split it into a 2 stars 
instead of 4 stars.  Terrible LM!  It must be the worst LM I have 
ever faced!