(IAAC) Mars Conspiracy...

Hey all,
          I am going to write a movie script named, "Martian Conspiracy."
It's going to be a cross between Independence Day and Apollo 13. The
movie is going to be based on the mars pathfinder mission. The plot of
the movie is that the Mars Pathfinder (the mars pathfinder in the movie
is going to have 2 people in it) lands on mars and discover's more than a
dusty red-rock filled planet, instead it discover's martian civilization
underground rock-like pyramids. Then the martians discover that there's
another civilization than their own and follow's the Mars Pathfinder on
it's way back to earth and tries to take it over, but the most important
part of the movie is that the government known that there were martians
on the planet and tried to cover it up by saying they were examining
rocks.There's more to the movie but I can't write it all, I would like to
get some info. on what you think and also some ideas which can make the
movie better. Also, does anyone have a better name they think  the movie
should be called and who would be best to do the movie? Clear
skies,Conrad Humphrey (Amateur Astronomer)Donwon1@juno.com40deg 43' 45" N
  73deg 59' 43" W
New York,  NY