(IAAC) Shooting Star Weekend!

An extraordinary natural light show is in store for this weekend! The annual 
Perseid Meteor Shower, as it heads towards its peak at 2am Tuesday morning, 
August 12, will be showering down meteors (shooting stars) for all to see!
To see the Perseids and many other meteors this weekend, just find a clear 
horizon with a dark sky (away from streetlights, malls, and your neighbor's 
"security" light). Go to your dark spot any time after 10:30pm (the LATER the 
better - 4am being best!) Look up in any direction, and you will see anywhere 
from 20 to 70 meteors for every hour you look - many of them bright and fast, 
and leaving smoky "persistent trains" behind them!
Clear skies, and enjoy your weekend everybody!