(IAAC) Telescope for sale

  Ladies and Gentlemen:
    In best habits of an astronomy club member, I'm offering
  you first look at a scope I am selling. Please feel free to
  circulate to anyone not on the TAC mailing list who may be
  interested. I will place it on the ASTROMART and Starry -
  Messenger at a later time myself. 
    Scope for sale - 16" f 4.5  Dobsonian Truss-pole type
  Specs: 16" f4.5 Primary, Meade 1983 DS-16 thin mirror
          3.25" Secondary, Galaxy Optics 1993, enhanced 
              coating, makes for a (appx.) 20 percent on
              center obstruction.
         Secondary holder- Novak, w 4vane spider
         Primary Cell- Meade with 9-point flotation(orig.)
         Focuser- Tectron low profile rack+pinion 2"/1 1/4"
         Tubes- 1" aluminum, using Tectron Tube clamps and
         Rocker box and base, All Baltic Birch 3/4" with 
             Lots of cut-outs for lighter weight, some 
             in the form of integral carry handles/ grips.
             All bearings Teflon riding on Ebony Star 
             laminate, very smooth on both axis'
         Upper cage, Made from sheet aluminum rolled with 
             Plywood rings and dowel and 1"x1/4" strips
             for bracing. 
      If it sounds like I have been describing an Obsession
       type telescope, its because I did use a lot of that 
       design, with some changes. 
         Asking 1500.00 for scope, including carry bag for 
         Why so reasonable? The primary mirror is not the 
         greatest. It is an average Meade product of 1/3-ish
         wave with some zones and turned edge. I have left 
         the buyer some leeway to get the mirror refigured 
         and recoated. The coating is fine right now and the 
         scope will work great on Deep Sky, but will need 
         some tweaking to be a peak performer. I am tired 
         of procrastinating on doing these and keeping the
         scope in a dark closet. I tend to use smaller
         caliber guns these days. 
            Call me at the number below or reach me by 
         email if you are interested.   
                                            Russ Chmela
 Russell Chmela