(IAAC) Tasty, nutrition SPAM...

Hi, all. As you can tell, I haven't yet put into place the anti-spam filter
for the netastrocatalog... By the way, if you DO receive spam on this or
any other list, and you wish to respond to (i.e., mailbomb!) the sender,
please be sure to a) remove the mailing list's address from your To: and
Cc: lines, and b) not to quote the entire original message in your reply,
thereby REPLICATING the spam.
Sorry for any inconvenience, hope to fix it this week!
Lew Gramer
PS: I also hope to post some OBSERVATIONS this week! :) Had a great trip to
a DARK-sky campground in Western Massachusetts, and some lovely logs with
both the 20", my 5" f/5, and a friend's Genesis to report. E you all soon!