(IAAC) Web archive updates weekly

At 11:27 AM 2/7/97 -0500, Todd Gross wrote:
>LEW: How can I get my obs posted to the web page? I didn't see them there. 
The Web site gets updated once a week or so... Check this evening!
>I also viewed an object this morning that I have to get back to that you all
>will love..
>NGC 4631.. Looks similar in some ways to NGC891, but no distinct dark lane.
>Lots of mottling, requires a second look. 
>Also viewed M108, definite star just off center. Also viewed M97, definite
>two "eyes" on the owl, improved with all nebula filters. Also viewed M13 in
>the binoviewer ----------- COMPLETELY split despite the (non-apparent) light
>loss. Really magnificent using a binoviewer when there is enough light to do
>the work.