(IAAC) Re: "anonymous" galaxies

Thanks, Georgos! You found it: I figured it'd be on either MCG or CGCG...
As for RedShift, how do you find it for planning deep-sky observations? I've
heard many people praise "GUIDE", "MegaStar", and several other charting
programs, none of which of course are available for my lowly little Mac. :(
Also, just to follow up for the group, Brian Skiff noted that the NED
catalog database is now searchable via a nice Web interface:
I tried it, and came up with Georgos's object, in J2000.0 at:
        12h28m56.4s +42o11m55s (0.7' long, 408 km/s recession no less!)
PS: BTW, try to use the address "netastrocatalog-announce" for
non-observations, if possible: posts to "netastrocatalog" go straight into
the Web archive.
Clear skies and faint galaxies!