(IAAC) Identifying galaxy by position?

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I observed a galaxy on Jan 11/12, which was casually charted without a
catalog identifier in my Harald-Bobroff _AstroAtlas_. It was extremely
faint, at roughly 1224+4210. I've been wondering what this galaxy's
designation was (if any) ever since! I've checked my other atlases, the
Sky Catalogue 2000.0, the Webb Society "Anonymous Galaxies" handbook, and
any source I could figure out on the Web.
No luck! Is there any source on the Web for looking up members of the Big
Galaxy Catalogs (MCG, CGCG, UGC) based on their position? This galaxy did
appear on the POSS, as I checked the Digitized Sky Survey site on the Web
at that position.
Please reply via private email to the address "lewkaren@tiac.net", and
I'll summarize to the ASTRO list and sci.astro.amateur if there's
Thanks, and clear skies!