(IAAC) Mailing lists

Michael Norrell <gemini86@juno.com> writes:
> Lew,
> Could you tell me a little bit about the other mailing lists that you
> run and how to get on them?
Hi, Michael. The email lists that I'm currently admin'ing are:
meteorobs - meteor observing (not hard to guess :>)
netastrocatalog - for deep-sky observations posted to the Internet Amateur Astronomers Catalog (IAAC), an archive of detailed amateur observations from all levels and instruments (from naked eye to 20" dob, so far).
astroweather-sne - for local "astronomy-friendly" (cloud-specific, night-time) weather observations in New England/NY/NJ. A very quiet list right now.
nsaac - a private list for the North Shore (MA, USA) Amateur Astronomy Club.
To get full information on any of these lists, or to subscribe, or for help on other commands you can do remotely, send an email to the address:
If you're only interested in info, send the following text on a line by itself in the body (NOT the Subject line) of your email:
        info listname
where "listname" is replaced by one of the above names (e.g., meteorobs).
To subscribe, make your email command instead read:
        subscribe listname
where again, "listname" is one of the list names meteorobs, netastrocatalog, astroweather-sne, or nsaac.
If you want help on other commands, just send the one-word message:
Clear skies!
Lew Gramer