(IAAC) The List Admin is BACK!

Hello to all subscribers of 'meteorobs', 'netastrocatalog', 'astroweather-sne', and 'nsaac'. I haven't even come close to reading all 1043 messages my ISP queued up during my 2 1/2 week absence, but all the mailing lists seem to have survived OK. If there were any major problems during my absence which have still not been resolved, PLEASE bring them to my private attention AGAIN - as soon as possible: I may not get to read through all of our email right away. 
Hope you all had Happy Holidays, many meteors, and lots of good 'scope time! As for me, Puget Sound gifted me with one-and-a-half clear nights, lots of rain, and THREE SNOWSTORMS during my visit... But more on that later.
Lew Gramer