(IAAC) Update Info CAOS/2

Hi all,
CAOS/2 has now reached V 0.15 - and tehere are some news to tell:
The section that deals with IAAC browsing and submission is now fully
functional and tested. Some minor bugs were found and corrected.
The next things that will be added is a personal logbook and calculation of
things that are essential for observing. As a first, the position of the
sun, its altitude and its azimuth are implemented. Planets and the moon are
to follow.
Crucial thing for me at the moment is: I am looking for kind souls who want
to port the IAAC section to other operating systems. As far as I can tell,
this should be very easy. Visual basic for example should do fine for that
task. So if somebody wants to port IAAC browsing and submission to Win3.1
or Win95, I will help as much as I can.
Expect the next beta of CAOS/2 to be V 0.17 or so. My current problem is
that I get NO feedback from betatesters. I thereby ask you to tell me about
your experiences - it is very frustrating to program without feedback.
I consider to stop the open betas if this situation continues.
TEAM/BBDO New Media Division
Bernhard Georg Rems