Eye-Catching Galaxies

Galaxy originates from Greek word galaxias which literally means milk. It is a system of stars, darker matter, stellar remnants and interstellar gas bound together by strong gravitational force. There are various types of Galaxies such as the Milky Way, Spiral Galaxies, Elliptical Galaxies and Irregular Galaxies. Most galaxies have black holes at their cores as they rotate.

Various beautiful shapes such as cartwheels, tadpole tails amongst others forms when the galaxies collide with each other. Below are some of the eye-catching looks of our galaxies:

Hoags Object

hoagsobjectIt looks like two different galaxies, it has got stars at the center that produce attractive yellow color and a ring of stars forming a blue color hanging in a vacuum space. Scientists have got no idea on how the Hoag’s Object was formed instead they just named this beautiful galaxy a type of ring galaxy. The galaxy looks like the planet Saturn the only difference is that Saturn has got a ring around it. These very beautiful and rare galaxies to stare at.

Arp 87

This beautiful look results from two galaxies getting into the collision. A billion years ago some two galaxies collided and almost ran into each other though it was a miss. This will continue for some times until the two galaxies merge to form one mega galaxy. A very thin stream of stars right now hold these two galaxies together. This shows a future merging of these galaxies with time.

Antennae Galaxies

The existence of yellow clusters of stars at the end of these galaxies shows that these pairs of galaxies are getting attracted to each other and eventually will merge to form one huge galaxy. It is possible for most of the stars in this galaxy to part their ways from the galaxy before the formation of a major galaxy such stars may give way for major clusters to survive the merge. This process is very beautiful and attractive to watch using a telescope. This gives us a vision of what will happen when our own galaxy the Milky Way merges with the Andromeda in some billion years to come.

Sombrero Galaxy

1357906372803077551Sombrero galaxy has a very unique but attractive look having a hat-like look. It sticks out from the center where some by some cosmic giant’s head might go sweeping “brim”. These galaxies on a closer range look like they are composed of very many different clusters of stars instead of one big star. The brim looks very strange and its complexity has made scientists to keep scratching their heads.

The Southern Pinwheel

It is also called M83, located in the Hydra constellation. This among the brightest galaxies in the sky at night. Pink and purple colors appear on this galaxy making it have a very distinct feature from all the other galaxies. The formation of the new stars which releases a very large amount of Ultra Violet energy accounts for the pink color. The energy, when absorbed by the nearby dust and gasses, forms the attractive pink color.

Actions such as galaxies merging to form one galaxy and some constellations moving away from galaxies are attractive events happening in our universe.


There are very few people who can actually acknowledge the beauty that is present in our universe. They have no idea how it feels when you gaze at stars either from a telescope or from real eyes; when you look upon the planets that you are surrounded with and their huge sizes, the galaxies that make up our universe even more beautiful, our moon and holes in them.

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