Amazing Facts about the Universe

The Universe is very complicated. Human beings for a number of years have tried to ask questions about the universe of which a good number of such questions still remain unanswered. Some questions such as how did the universe came to be? Does it have any end or point which may be referred to as its beginning? We appreciate science since through scientific research, some of these questions have been permanently answered as much as scientific facts themselves are known to be dynamic in nature. This does not prevent us from believing on the scientific facts. The universe has got some of the amazing facts that are brought to clarity through science. Some of these interesting facts include:sfdf

  • Everything on earth is in motion; the earth itself is not at rest. When is a car moving on a rocky road is it possible for the passengers to be static on their seats? No, it is not possible, the passengers will be in motion too. This explains why it is not possible for the earth to be on motion yet the objects in it are at rest. One moves very fast even when they are on bed. A lot of kilometers are covered by this motion yet you will always feel you heading nowhere.
  • An Asteroid might hit the Earth in 2029; before Asteroids have hit the earth and caused great damages including wiping out lives. There is a probability according to Astronomers that an Asteroid may hit the earth in the year 2029. Apophis Asteroid is headed to the way of the earth and their collision may claim several lives.
  • The largest mountain in the Solar system exists in Mars; the Olympus Mons is approximately 26 kilometers tall and covers an area of 600 kilometers. The mountain was formed as a result of volcanic activities. In comparison to the earth’s Mount Everest, the mountain is three times taller.
  • One day in Venus is longer than a year; Venus takes a lot of time to make a full rotation and takes a shorter time to complete it revolution this qualifies Venus to be the slowest planet in the solar system. The days in Venus is longer than years in Venus.
  • The Sun is very big; in case we could have a million earthsplanet-earth-from-space, then all of them could comfortably fit the Sun. The Sun though it is not believed to be the biggest star, it performs the important role of sustaining the lives in the earth. Light coming from the sun is essential for living organisms in the earth.
  • The Earth is billions of years old; our planet has been in existence for many years approximately 4.5 billion years. Though life has not been in the planet for long, but a number of lives have existed from small microorganisms to larger ones. The still continues to support life and it will for a very long time. In case the Asteroid will miss the earth in the year 2029 then we are assured of a pretty longer stay on the earth.
There are very few people who can actually acknowledge the beauty that is present in our universe. They have no idea how it feels when you gaze at stars either from a telescope or from real eyes; when you look upon the planets that you are surrounded with and their huge sizes, the galaxies that make up our universe even more beautiful, our moon and holes in them.

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